Meaning of computerate in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˈpjuːt(ə)rət/


another term for computer-literate
‘a computerate person with publishing experience’
  • ‘‘The approach we have to religion - making the children as religiously literate as they are ‘computerate’ and numerate - can be especially attractive to middle class parents,’ Mr Richards said.’
  • ‘We are delighted that a company of four visually impaired computerate colleagues have come on board to provide support and training.’
  • ‘There is a positive stereotype secretly held by librarians, one that casts us as fearlessly impartial, lightly well-read, knowingly computerate and less socially inept than socially committed.’
  • ‘This requires a workforce that is computerate rather than merely functionally literate and numerate, as was needed for the first industrial revolution.’
  • ‘Computer literacy led to computer-literate, computer-friendly individuals, and the words computerate, computeracy and computence were but a step away.’
  • ‘This skill set will assist in their pursuit of life-long learning, as competent netizens and computerate users, in a society experiencing continuous technological change.’
  • ‘As such they will not have the knowledge to reach this website and so they are designed for more computerate friends who can print them out for their instruction’